Four Vanasthali teachers in St Michel

Illustrated diary (February 20th - April 8th 2006)

Monday, February 20th

Charles de Gaulle Airport, terminal 2A : landing at 8h (in time ) of the plane from Mumbaï.

Anne-Marie and Marie-Noël are then waiting interminably behind these wretched doors...


At last, there is Kalpana ! but without her luggage and... with a policeman !


Yes they are really our guests, you can believe it !

45 minutes later, here is Kalpana again, with her luggage at last


Then Manisha, smiling though not so well...


Then Sunanda and Aparna


We miss noone !

After a lot of traffic jams on the road, St Michel at last, confortably at Anne-Marie’s and Patricia’s :


Tuesday, February 21rst

Our four guests have a first contact with the three schools implied in the project.

Photo AM Dourlat

Photo AM Dourlat Photo AM Dourlat

Photo MN Fraysse

Wednesday, February 22nd

To Paris in the suburb train


The Trocadéro and ... the cold

dscf0975.jpg dscf0976.jpg

A cruise on the river Seine ; outside, the cold is still there !

dscf0987.jpg dscf0994.jpg

dscf0996.jpg dscf0997.jpg

In the evening, at Sophie and Christian’s, a meeting cum dinner ... warm, at last !

dscf1008.jpg dscf1007.jpg

dscf1011.jpg dscf1009.jpg

Saturday, February 25th

“Fair Trade” stands in the Commercial Gallery with “Artisans du Monde” and “Entr’Inde”

25fev0007.jpg 25fev0036.jpg

25fev0009.jpg 25fev0019.jpg

The beautiful drawings from the schools of Vanasthali

25fev0024.jpg 25fev0030.jpg

Excellent, these Indian dishes !

25fev0060.jpg 25fev0046.jpg

Not bad, the films and the music !

25fev0034.jpg 25fev0045.jpg

Meeting the French teachers again

25fev0043.jpg 25fev0055.jpg

25fev0057.jpg 25fev0063.jpg

Sunday, February 26th

Orsay museum with Anne-Marie

in front of "the woman and the coffee pot" by Paul Cézanne

Tuesday, February 28th

In Nelson Mandela social centre, with the association “Echange de savoirs” (Exchange of knowledge)

dscf1036b.jpg dscf1035b.jpg

dscf1037b.jpg dscf1038b.jpg


dscf1040.jpg dscf1042.jpg

Chaï is good for you !


One speaks Marathi in the Bretigny “cine 220” (cinema) !


The snow was expecting us on the car park ... no photo, unfortunately...

Wednesday, March 1st

The snow is not melt, it’s even thicker this morning. Quick, some photos !

dscf1053.jpg dscf1055.jpg

dscf1057.jpg dscf1056.jpg

In the leisure centre of Morsang :

dscf1058f.jpg dscf1059f.jpg

At Massy Opera :


dscf1115.jpg dscf1116.jpg

dscf1118.jpg dscf1123.jpg

Week-end out, March 4th and 5th


In front of the old Finance office, now Tourist office in the cathedral

in front of the Palace of Justice On the Old Market

The oak of Allouville Bellefosse

1200-year-old, 15m round at its base!

our guests in the tree


in front of the "Benedictine" Palace

on the beach on the beach (again)

"Les Ferrières" bungalow

Our guests explained their work with Vanasthali, it was new to many in the assistance

With our friends of Artisans du Monde (Val d'Orge and Fécamp)... ...we saw a film about Vanasthali made in 2004)

and we danced modern... ...and traditionnal dances

About the weather

We had clouds... and sun !

Many thanks to all

first to Jean-Michel, our guide... to  Nikita, our devoted translator (on the left)

and alsoArtisans du Monde Fécamp...

and to Sophie and Christian Lefaure for their excellent dinner that evening !

Monday, March 6th

Florence Laffeta, teacher in Blaise Pascal school, writes : “Manisha and Sunanda are very much appreciated by the children and the adults. Exchanges are really interesting and having them in our classes is a pleasure.” Florence joined some pictures and comments for this diary : thank you, Florence !

To read the comments, move the mouse on the picture

Manisha is an expert in cutting potatoes into stamps

Elephants footprints with Manisha Elephants coming here !!

potatoes, sponges...everithing can become stamps to form drawings with the paint Sunanda teaches origami

Manisha and Sunanda teach us a song (counting rhyme) end of the song

Let us dance now! After all, children in India are very much like us

Nota : for technical reasons, Florence’s comments are made shorter

Wednesday, March 8th

In Morsang sur Orge, at the Leisure Centre

dscf1099f.jpg dscf1109.jpg

dscf1114.jpg dscf1120f.jpg

dscf1125mn.jpg dscf1123mn.jpg

dscf1128mn.jpg dscf1132f.jpg

March, 10th to 12th

Lyon, with Marie-Françoise and her husband

dscf1141.jpg dscf1142.jpg

dscf1143.jpg dscf1148.jpg

In the Loire department with Louise and her friends of “Partage sans Frontieres” (share without borders)

dscf1159.jpg dscf1153ter.jpg

Vanasthali and Entr’Inde are presented, before a gorgious collation. Among the guests, The mayor of Saint Martin la Plaine (left) and the president of “Partage sans Frontières” Partage Sans Frontières (on the right)

dscf1182.jpg dscf1183.jpg

dscf1180.jpg ASCII���Partie de boules de neige


Many thanks to those who have contributed to this excellent week-end’s organisation !

Thanks to Marcelle and Laurent for their pictures.

Tuesday, March 14th

Georges Fournier, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge mayor, invited us for a cocktail in honour of our four guests. He was accompanied by several elected deputies of our town.


Indian and French teachers have presented some of the works made together with the children of Blaise Pascal school.

dscf1205.jpg dscf1206.jpg

dscf1199.jpg dscf1204.jpg dscf1207.jpg

caps in origami dscf1208.jpg

The mayor’s speech


Manisha's speech, in the name of the four Indian teachers  some participants to the project

Flowers and the medal of the town are offered

dscf1223.jpg dscf1221.jpg

The medal of the town, a work of Jacki MAUVIEL, a Saint-Michel artist (1974)

dscf1228b.jpg dscf1235b.jpg

Thanks to the municipal cooking staff who could manage to make a beautiful and vegetarian treat.

Thursday, March 16th

We have always well known that phoning while driving is dangerous. It must be known now that it is just as dangerous while going down stairs. Sunanda experienced this today : the result is a fractured foot. Don’t worry : she got proper care , including medical. You can see on the following pictures that this misfortune is without consequence on Sunanda’s mood, and did not reduce her activities either.

Friday, March 17th

The inhabitants of Saint Michel were invited to share a dinner with our Indian guests and the partners of the project. affiche17mars.jpg

Parents, children, teachers, the director of Lormoy school (where were Kalpana and Aparna), the mayor and even a general Essonne counsellor... and also many friends. Cooking specialities, Indian or not, have been brought by everybody and appreciated... as well as the films about Vanasthali.

dscf1236.jpg dscf1238.jpg

dscf1240.jpg dscf1242.jpg

dscf1245.jpg dscf1243.jpg

Nursery rhymes and songs followed the meal,

dscf1248.jpg dscf1250.jpg

dscf1252.jpg dscf1253.jpg

Then came the dance


dscf1259.jpg dscf1260.jpg

for an admirative public


Children started at it ...

dscf1261.jpg dscf1263.jpg

... so did the adults

dscf1268.jpg dscf1270.jpg

The Indian teachers answered the questions of the public (Marie-Noël translating into English)


And of course, the evening ended with a song !

dscf1278.jpg dscf1279.jpg

Saturday, March 18th

In order to celebrate our Indian teachers, Artisans du Monde Val d’Orge (local Fair Trade Association) have organised an Indian evening in Morsang sur Orge, the main idea being both cultural exchange and solidarity ; it was open to all and it the first such opening towards India initiated here by their association.


The evening started with an Indian story.


A film about a fair Trade organisation in India was shown. Then the teachers explained their own work in India :


Namrata offered some Katak dances

dscfm1212.jpg dscfm1213.jpg

... and Nisha some Bharatanatyam

dscfm1217.jpg dscfm1220.jpg

with an Indian meal

dscf1202m.jpg dscfm1205.jpg

...And both Artisans du Monde and Entr’Inde sold some pieces of handicrafts


All profits will contribute to Vanasthali work of education and rural developpment.

Saturday, 19th March

Today is Manisha’s birthday !

dscf1281bis.jpg dscf1283.jpg


dscf1288.jpg dscf1285.jpg

Monday, March 20th

From today on, we have a wheel chair for Sunanda, lent by Joëlle. It’s going to Help Sunanda in everydays activities.

Aparna, Manisha, Sunanda and Marie

Carole led us through Grigny and its diverse social organisations :

  • The “Minotaure” pre-primary school
  • Farandole association, which she belongs to
  • association “Décider” (help to persons in difficult situation)
  • The “mini laundry” where washing is not the main activity : meetings, sewing.

... in order to discover the actions towards solving the difficulties met by the underprivileged inhabitants.

Kalpana and Carole in "Minotaure" school Sunanda is helping the children

Some workers in "Farandole" Aparna and Kalpana in "Farandole"

Tuesday, March 21st

Our guests learnt a new technic with the association “Echange de Savoirs” in the Nelson Mandele Social Centre in Saint Michel.

dscfm1259.jpg dscfm1261.jpg


Thursday, march 23rd

Versailles Palace

with Simone and Patricia follow the guide !

versail0010.jpg versail0013.jpg

Saturday, March 25th

During the running competition for the school-children ...

with Christine

... they congratulated some of the winners :

ronde0003.jpg ronde0004.jpg

Sunday,March 26th

Lesson in Indian cooking

Making ladoos need some manual hability and experience !

ladoos0003.jpg ladoos0001.jpg

In the afternoon, with the French and Indian association of Grigny



Monday, March 27th

Aparna et Kalpana gave us a pretty demonstration of “mehndi”, a provisional tatoo with henna

mehndi0002.jpg mehndi0001.jpg

mehndi0003.jpg mehndi0005.jpg

Tuesday, March 28th

Invited by Carole and her Qi-Gong and Taï-Chi-Chuan course students, our guests have shared their capacities with the students (in Longpont)

longpont0001.jpg longpont0013.jpg

longpont0007.jpg longpont0008.jpg

longpont0010.jpg longpont0011.jpg

Wednesday, March 29th

Ciné 220, Brétigny : projection of Hathi, a film about elephants and “mahouts”, followed by a debate and an Indian collation (masala tea, ladoos, halva...)

cin-gout0010.jpg cin-gout0001.jpg

cin-gout0004.jpg cin-gout0011.jpg

Thursday, March 30th

Sophie introduced us to the workshop of Bernard BASCHET, an artist of Saint Michel who invented “sound structures” and Francesco Russo, a musician, offered a demonstration and a try. Mrs Baschet joined us for some Indian tea and sweets.

Au centre : Bernard BASCHET Francesco RUSSO

baschet0006.jpg baschet0009.jpg

baschet0010.jpg baschet0011.jpg

Saturday, April 1st

Our guest seemed to have been inspired by the date...

1avr0002.jpg 1avr0009.jpg

  • paper flowers ...

1avr0033.jpg 1avr0035.jpg

  • Indian food ...


  • and modelling with Françoise Pernot.

Françoise PERNOT

sculp0003.jpg sculp0007.jpg

sculp0021.jpg sculp0024.jpg

sculp0009.jpg sculp0008.jpg

sculp0015.jpg sculp0006.jpg

sculp0010.jpg sculp0018.jpg

sculp0012.jpg sculp0019.jpg

sculp0025bis.jpg sculp0029.jpg

Then, our four Indian guests have been to a show at the local theatre (East Siberian songs in “Espace Marcel Carné)

chantssib1.jpg chantssib2.jpg

Sunday, April 2nd

A visit to the art glassware workshop in Soisy sur Ecole, followed by a visit of Milly la Forêt

soisy0007.jpg soisy0005.jpg


soisy0012.jpg cyclop.jpg

Monday, April 3rd

In the morning, invited by Joëlle, visit of the Palace of Fontainebleau and meeting with the Bretigny students implied in the Timbaud/Fergusson exchange

Fontainebleau palace and is park

In the afternoon, visit of the “lycée” J.P.Timbaud and its main workshop. Among the devices contructed there by the students, a special oven for the treatment of the karite in Mali.

timb0002.jpg timb0001.jpg

The afternoon ended with a visit of Arpajon (a neighbouring town)


arpa0001.jpg arpa0002.jpg

Tuesday, April 4th

“An evening in Paris” ...

An ice-cold wind but a warm atmosphere, with Anne-Marie, Françoise, Bernard and Marie-Noël

pbn5.jpeg pbn9.jpeg

Wednesday, April 6th

A feast at Anne-Marie and Henri’s place with all the people implied in the project.


A good ocasion four our guests to wear their best sarees.


After having tasted delicious special dishes ...

damd0004.jpg damd0006.jpg

... the evening ended with an informal but fruitful exchange of vews about the experience.


Thursday, April 6th

Guy, director of the school of Lormoy sent beautiful pictures showing Kalpana and Aparna’s excellent work with the French teachers and the good atmosphere that prevailed during this exchange.


Some of them :

Fancy dresses and dances Fancy dresses and dances

Upama, an Indian dish Upama, an Indian dish

Coq made of onion peel Origami

onions used as stamps Mehndi

Nathalie Aparna, Christine, Kalpana and Martine

Annie with Kalpana and Aparna

In the evening, a dinner in an Indian restaurant organised by the school of Lormoy.


Friday, April 7th

School children and teachers wanted to say good bye :

Feast at Lormoy

B. Pascal : Bye bye Manisha and Sunanda !

A message from Florence (teacher in Blaise Pascal school) :

A very moving moment for all, when Manisha and Sunanda came to take leave... ...

manisha.jpg sunanda.jpg

The children gave souvenirs to Manisha and Sunanda : photos, songs, CDs that should allow them to remember and sing with their pupils in India ... as they taught their Indian songs here. The exchange must go on in spite of the distance.

Then the children accompanied Manisha and Sunanda (their “Indian schoolmistress”) up to the main door, forming a guard of honour.

Last photo together Guard of honour

Thanks to the members of the Indian and French associations that gave the occasion for this project which is a success for everyone’s pleasure !

Saturday, April 8th

No traffic jams while going to Roissy Airport this morning.

After checking, a last hot chocolate together :

checking last chocolate

Emotion and tears at parting time ...

but it’s only good bye ! St Michel is the suburb of Puné !

The flight AF 134 started 1h30 late and arrive in Mumbai at 11h50 in the night. Courage, the school for you in India starts as soon as next Monday !

Entr'Inde wants to thank whoever contributed to the success of this venture.

Read Marie-Noël’s word about it : remerciements.pdf

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